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Try not to feel jealous about things, or people or places. It’s toxic. Just keep living. You will find your happiness.

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One more month till I’m in college.

Holy flying frick.

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Q: 18 and 19 -Anonymous

Sorry for answering this so late!!!

18.) Song From the Year You Were Born aka 1996
Ironic-Alanis Morissette

19.) Song That Makes You Think About Life
Slip Slidin’ Away- Paul Simon

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backstage at Prada A/W 2014-15

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EW Comic-Con ‘14 Star Portrait | Paul Rudd, Ant-Man

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I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow | The Soggy Bottom Boys

I bid farewell to ol’ Kentucky
The place were I was born and raised

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"Someone said to me, early on in film school… if you can photograph the human face you can photograph anything, because that is the most difficult and most interesting thing to photograph. If you can light and photograph the human face to bring out what’s within that human face you can do anything."

— Roger Deakins, cinematographer

Still from No Country for Old Men (2007, dir. Joel and Ethan Coen). Cinematography by Roger Deakins

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100 Favorite Movies

(49/100)    O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

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I am a man of constant sorrow

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